Heating for Masjid ul Haqq on GivingTuesday – Islamic Society of Baltimore

Update: we have met the goal. JazakumAllahu khair to everyone who supported this effort!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

Dear Community,

It’s freezing cold outside. Can you imagine being without heat? Masjid Ul Haqq, Baltimore needs a new heating system and is currently operating with minimal to no heat.

This Giving Tuesday, ISB is committed to raising the costs to replace the system. The cost to replace the entire system is approximately $20,000.

Can you imagine the reward for keeping the Believers warm in their prayers? You can’t. You will have a stake in the reward of every prayer offered there.

Take your share of the Ajr and reward, before it’s too late.

May Allah grant us forgiveness, and accept from us.

Please donate what you can, and make sure you share!

Donate at ISB.org/Haqq

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