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Al-Rahmah Sunday School’s objective is to provide a healthy and rewarding Islamic learning environment for students. The school meets once a week, nine months a year, amounting to approximately thirty-five days of classes in a year. Within this time we are committed to spreading knowledge and doing our best to provide a sound, basic Islamic education.

Muslim children growing up in the US are facing diverse challenges and conflicting pressures at schools and within friend circles, constantly influenced by mainstream youth culture. It is difficult to isolate them from these influences and it is painful to let them sway into the mainstream. Excessive consumerism, peer pressure, media culture, internet, and technology confuse the youngsters’ minds regarding their objectives and ideals in life. Parents are the main source when it comes to instilling moral values in their children—However, parents can do only so much. Islamic schools have a responsibility to instill Islamic ideologies in the youth. It is tough job to help them balance their Islamic identity with their ‘American’ identity, and Al-Rahmah Sunday School is here to help.

While Islamic schools can also only do so much, we do not want to stop trying. We hope Al-Rahmah Sunday School will be able to help Muslim students appreciate and understand Islam – its rich heritage, principles, values, and teachings. We aim to provide stepping-stones for youngsters so that they understand and accept Islam as a chosen way life. Our success will be measured years later, when we hope former students will say: “thank you, you made a difference in my life!”
We are working towards that day. This guide is designed to introduce parents, teachers, and students to what to expect from the school and what the school expects from them.

Our request to the parents – please invest in your child. They are future Ummah and they are most precious!

Nasrin Rahman, Principal

School Board Members

Saad Malik, Chairperson
Nasrin Rahman, Principal
Anis Ahmed, Director
John Salahevons
Mohammad Naqibuddin
Nabila Malik
Sarah Ali
Arsal Munawar

Mission Statement

To promote broad awareness of Islam for Muslim students from Kindergarten to Seniors by emphasizing Islamic teachings, fundamentals, ideologies, and legacy. To this end, to use a comprehensive syllabus, carefully selected textbooks, and knowledgeable instructors so as to intellectually stimulate the students and guide them to grow up as responsible, committed Muslim citizens living in the West, and help them make Islam a way of life.

Our Staff

Our staffs is primarily comprised of professionals drawn from various fields, countries and backgrounds. Many staff members have prior teaching experience in other Islamic schools, all have good to above average Islamic knowledge, and every one of them has good people skills. Special emphasis is given to make sure the teachers communicate well in English.

Our Students

Admission is open to all students, male or female, who reside in the US— regardless of their immigration status or the color of their skin. Since the main medium of instruction is English, the ability of students to understand and communicate in English is important. Students are placed in a grade commensurate with their age. Any exception will be considered only on exigent basis. Our student population has increased exponentially in last few years, and we currently have 369 students between the ages of 5 and 18 enrolled in our Sunday school.

Our Curriculum

The school will follow a systematic, comprehensive curriculum developed by Weekend Learning Publishers. The objective of the curriculum is to provide a broad understanding of all aspects of Islam as envisaged in the Mission Statement. The teachers, students, and parents will all know the curriculum – thus, everybody be familiar with what is being taught and will know what to expect from students at each grade and collectively, from the entire program. The teachers will carefully follow the curriculum.

Qur’anic and Arabic Studies

Students will be taught an entire vocabulary and numbers of Arabic and will learn to understand some grammar and application. By the end of the course, students should be able to read Qur’ān with correct pronunciation using rules of tajweed, complete memorization and understand the meaning of the prescribed sūrahs, learn daily duas starting from duas when getting up in the morning to duas going to sleep, and all in-between duas of a day.

Kindergarten Students to Seniors

Early start is always encouraged. School will provide fun-filled learning activities for all kindergarten aged boys and girls. Learn about Allāh – Who He is and why we worship Him, and the blessings of Allāh. To attend Kindergarten it is required that students must turn 5 years of age by September of the enrollment year. Birth certificate must be submitted at the time of registration.

Classes starts from Kindergarten and end at Senior grade level. Level 8 and Seniors are 2 year programs. In addition to regular curriculum, upper level classes are engaged in discussion of current events and relate that to Islamic issues and principles. Learn how to act proactively and still be a good Muslim and a good citizen in the country we live in.

Opportunity for Awards and Recognition

The School will give out a number of awards for Academic Excellence, Essay Competition, quiz competition and year-end awards to A-Honor students. Medals are given to the top three students in the essay competition. Awards vary for quiz competition winner— t-shirtmedalbackpack depending on the fund available for it each year. Each student can qualify for the award. At the end of the year, the award will be given solely based on academic performance, to A-Honor students. Students will be recognized in front of an audience during annual function.

Extra-Curricular Activities

In additional to their curriculum, students have opportunities for learning and fun with extra-curricular activities. There are field trips to museums wherever there are

Islamic displays. Level 7, 8 and the Seniors boys have a father and son trip to the Muslim graveyard. This program teaches them about life and death and what is required when someone dies, from washing the body to burial. The Level 8 and Senior girls have mother-daughter luncheon. Here they invite speakers to talk about the mother-daughter relationship and how to deal with issues related to today’s mainstream culture. Students also have the opportunity to attend the yearly ICNA-MAS Convention, and students are encouraged to participate in planting trees with interfaith groups.


Sunday School will provide a slice of cheese pizza and juice for lunch. Students can purchase additional slices if available. On special occasions in place of pizza other food such as chicken tenders etc are given for their lunch. Parents could also pack lunch for their child if they want.

Students will also arrange bake sales during the lunchtime. Each level takes a turn, coordinated by their teacher.

Al-Rahmah Sunday School - Academic Schedule:

Returning Student Registration (2020-2021):

Registration details have been announced to current students and their parents. Please reach out to the Principal or Director for details.

New Student Registration (2020-2021):

Registration has not opened yet. Please keep checking this page and ISB Flash for updates.

New Students (2020-2021):

Registration sessions for new students is currently closed. New students are required to be present at the time of registration. A child must be age 5 by August 30, 2020. The student's birth certificate must be presented at the time of admission. Payment for the entire school year is accepted must be made at time of registration with credit card only.

Returning Students (2020-2021):

You may register for the 2020-2021 Sunday School year using the registration form below.

Registration for Academic Year 2020-2021

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