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Bi Weekly Hangouts

ISB Youth Group holds bi-weekly hangouts for middle and high schoolers. This is a place where the youth not only get to interact and socialize with others who hold similar values, but they also are able to strengthen those values with intermediate halaqas.


While the youth engages in age appropriate and entertaining activities, they are also exposed to many of our resident scholars and youth leaders in every hangout. This gives them an opportunity to connect with local scholarship while learning Islamic Values in a relaxed environment.

Getting Involved

Part of the youth groups mission is to help raise our future leaders. In order to do so, we not only help instill Islamic values educationally, but we allow our youth to apply these values in various volunteer opportunities.


We acknowledge the struggles our youth face on a daily basis to express their faith. As such, we made it our mission and responsibility to provide a safe place for the youth by educating, entertaining, and accompanying them in an engaging environment. Our aim is to create a second home for the youth, where they can create relationships with their peers and mentors alike. We want this Youth Group to be home to all!




Youth Director 

Shayk Muhmmad Ahmed

Youth Advisor

Bisma Ahmed


Ismail Chaudry


Asiya Simli

Public Relations

Sulatana Abdul-Kareem

Public Relations

Malaika Butt

Event Coordinator

Huda Qalawee

Event Coordinator

Momin Butt

Speaker Coordinator 

Lyiaba Mian

Outreach Coordinator 

Maha Hassan

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