ISB Stands Against Injustice And Racism – Islamic Society of Baltimore

Important Announcement

The murder of George Floyd marks yet another example of an innocent Black man killed in broad daylight by the police.  He was killed as he pleaded with officers for the right to breathe.  He was killed as bystanders helplessly stood, pleading with officers to show a sense of humanity.

The Islamic Society of Baltimore condemns this blatant act of murder and calls for swift prosecution of those masquerading as public servants involved in this merciless killing.

Call District Attorney Mike Freeman at 612-348-5550 or email at [email protected] and demand that all officers involved in the killing of George Floyd be taken into custody and prosecuted accordingly.  Thus far, only Derek Chauvin, the officer who killed Mr. Floyd by suffocating him with his knee, has been taken into custody.  The other police officers complicit in this action must also be held responsible.  Stay tuned to ISB flash and social media outlets for resources and more ways to get involved in this struggle for justice.

Condemnation is not enough.

ISB recognizes that this condemnation cannot go without recognizing and addressing the intra-muslim racism that exists in the Muslim community.  A significant part of addressing this issue is through dialogue and education – the utilization of khutbahs, halaqas and classes.  It must not stop there though.  ISB is committing itself to a complete review on its internal policies and procedures.  This includes more implementation of professional development and training for staff across the board regarding cultural sensitivity and race relations.  This also includes an institutional racism audit – a utilization of external experts to review ISB policies, hiring practices and disciplinary data.  This, inshaAllah, will allow ISB to make long standing, tangible changes to the culture of our community.  Hold ISB accountable to these commitments.

ISB expresses its heartfelt condolences to the family and loved ones of George Floyd, and the increasing number of our Black brothers and sisters killed by law enforcement in this Country.  We stand with the Black community.  Your lives matter, every God-given one.

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