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A Visit to the House of Allah:

One of the most profound and life-changing events one may experience is their first visit to Mecca and to see the Kaabah

People from around the world dream of that first time they visit the Noble Sanctuary and grave of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (s). The journey a believer makes to the House of Allah and to the Prophet’s Mosque is one where the Islamic Society of Baltimore firmly believes in a unique blend of American-led scholarship coupled with simple, yet affordable travel packages.

Alhamdulillah, over the past decade, ISB has been facilitating and leading hundreds of people on the spiritual journey of a lifetime.

With several Hajj and Umrah trips over the years under the guidance of ISB, we anticipate the needs of our customers every step of the way. With up front pricing and no surprises, our tours are all-inclusive.

Insh’Allah, join us on your next journey!


Our Upcoming Trips:

HAJJ 2024 Umrah 2024
TBD Nov. 22, 2024 – Dec. 1, 2024
Leads: TBD  With Shaykh Saad Baig



The ISB Experience:

We like to keep things simple and straightforward so you can focus on your trip and enjoy the experience. All of our trips (Hajj & Umrah) come without hidden fees and are always inclusive of the following:

Round-trip Flights

All Ground Transportation

Five-Star Accommodations

Dedicated Logistics specialists throughout the trip

All Museum & Tour Admission Fees

Religious Lectures and Seerah Sessions

Daily Buffet Breakfast


Daily face-to-face time with our Scholars

Pre-Hajj & Umrah Prep-Sessions

ZamZam Water

For more information, click here to access the 2024 ISB Umrah Trip Information Guide.


Award-Winning Tour Operators:

For over a decade, ISB has been delivering dreams for travelers of all ages. Our preferred partners include world-renown travel agencies approved exclusively by the Ministry of Hajj such as Adams Travel Services and Super Eagle Travel.


Register today!

Let us know if you’re interested in joining our Hajj or Umrah 2024 trips – limited spots are still available.



Saba. Umrah Tour Member

The trip was well-planned and the hotels were comfortable; breakfast was scrumptious. However, the best part was our Imam and group members.

Imran. Umrah Tour Member

This was an experience of a lifetime and can’t thank Sheikh Farhan enough for his knowledge and passion.

Farzana. Umrah Tour Member

It was an amazing experience. It was the best trip of my life. I really enjoyed a lot. Even though I traveled alone, I felt as though I was with my own family. Everyone in the group was very helpful and very caring.

Nadirah. Umrah Tour Member

What a great Umrah! May Allah SWT answer all our duas. Ameen. Alhamdulillah, Jazakallah Khairan to Imam Ismet and his beautiful recitation of the Quran.



Our Previous Journeys: 

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