Alhamdulillah, the Al-Rahmah Quran Academy is excited to announce a new upcoming course, Arabic 101: Introduction to Arabic Grammar and Morphology, taught by our very own Mufti Abdullah Aijaz.

Arabic 101 is the first course in a sequence of Arabic courses to be held at the Islamic Society of Baltimore. The Al-Rahmah Quran Academy seeks to furnish students with a strong grounding in the language of the Qur’an. In Arabic 101, students will dive into an in-depth study of the Arabic language, beginning with the study of foundational Arabic grammar and morphology.

Insha`Allah, future courses will continue to build upon the skills required to read and understand the Quran and other classical Islamic Texts. The complete program will eventually culminate in proficiency in Arabic, the ability to converse in Arabic, and understanding of the Quran. Future courses may also delve into traditional Islamic knowledge and other Islamic sciences.

Visit to register. Seats will be capped at 50 students, so make sure to register ASAP iA!
Deadline for registration is Sunday June 17th 11:59PM

Course information and Frequently Asked Questions are located on the class webpage.