Zakat Services – Islamic Society of Baltimore

As an Islamic institution, the Islamic Society of Baltimore / Masjid Al-Rahmah supports the local community by collecting and disbursing Zakat ul Maal to in-need Muslim community members.

How Much Zakat Do I Owe?

Zakat is payable at 2.5% of the wealth one possesses above the nisab.
*The Nisab established by Prophet SAWS was 20 gold dinars (87.48 gm) or 200 silver dirhams (612.36 gm). The scholars have given fatwas regarding the permissibility of using either one. Depending upon which standard you use, your Nisab threshold will be higher or lower.

Calculate your Zakat obligation!

Giving Zakat

Zakat-ul-maal can be submitted to the ISB in the form of cash, check or online payment.

Applying for Zakat

** NOTE: ISB will not be processing Zakat ul Maal applications during Ramadan and is currently only accepting Zakat ul Fitr applications **

Please click here to download the ISB Zakat Application.

This must be turned into the ISB Office for processing, which takes about 14 business days. If this is an emergency, please let the Front Desk know at submission time, so that the Zakat Committee can be informed. All applications must be complete and are subject to the Zakat policy.

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