Marriage (Nikkah) Services

Nikkah Requirments

To conduct a Nikkah, the following requirements must be met:

  • Bride and groom’s consent to marry
  • Two Muslim witnesses
  • Bride’s Wali (Guardian)
  • Legal marriage documentation with the State of Maryland.

Schedule a Nikkah

Please click here to download the form and email or drop if off in person at the ISB Office.

You can obtain a marriage license from the local government agency or county courthouse in the county of Maryland in which you reside or in which you have decided to get married in.

To have the Islamic Society of Baltimore officiate your nikkah ceremony, you must get married in Baltimore County (at ISB or off-site) and you must request your marriage license from the Clerk of the Court for Baltimore County in Towson, Maryland. Please email a scanned copy of this marriage license to the ISB Office or drop if off in person. Please note that a nikkah cannot be conducted without a marriage license.

Please note that if you are from any other country other than Baltimore County  but would like to get married at ISB, then you have to apply to get a Baltimore County marriage license.

Many counties in Maryland, including Baltimore County, require a 24 – 48 hours waiting period before a marriage can be conducted. ISB cannot legally officiate a nikkah before this time period expires.

Nikkahs must be officiated by our authorized representatives and can be held at Masjid Al-Rahmah or at an off-site location within Baltimore County. ISB provides a certificate of marriage as well to the newly married couple, along with certifying the wedding for Baltimore County and the State of Maryland. It is important to note that ISB charges a 250 dollar fee for conducting offsite nikkahs and a 100 dollar fee if you would like to have the nikkah at ISB.

Please email the ISB Office with any questions or feedback.

Pre Marital Counseling

Whether you are getting married soon or already married, Masjid Al-Rahmah provides marriage counseling free of cost through our staff of Resident Scholars and approved community members. Please contact the the ISB Office in order to schedule an appointment.


JazakumAllah Khair