Janaza is the Arabic word for funeral, which encompasses both the prayer and burial. Muslims bury their deceased within 24 hours in a simple manner. When a person passes away, his or her body is washed and wrapped in a simple white cloth. The body is then taken to the closest mosque for the funeral prayer. During this prayer, which is mostly silent, the Imam and attendees recite various verses from the Qur’an along with making a prayer for the deceased person, those who have passed away and those who are still alive. Muslims stand in un-even rows facing Makkah, with the deceased’s body in front of them. There is no call to prayer or bowing or prostration in this prayer. After this the body is taken for burial, where it is placed into the ground without a casket, facing Makkah. Supplications are made for the person’s forgiveness and for God’s mercy while the grave is closed.