Sponsor a Ramadan Iftar – Islamic Society of Baltimore

Ramadan Iftar Program:

Alhumdulliah like previous years, ISB will be providing complimentary Iftar everyday for anyone that comes to our Masjid – however, this would not be possible without the help and generous contributions from our community.

Please sign up to sponsor an evening in Ramadan by donating online (include your date preference in the memo field) or by contacting the Cafe office. You can do this with a monetary contribution of the amounts suggested below or any amount you can afford.

Iftar Sponsorship:

Full Sponsorship (approx. 250-300 people): $2,000

Partial Sponsorship (approx. for 50 people): $400

Chai Sponsorship:
1 week – $500

*Actual number of Iftar attendees served may be higher on certain nights. These rates are only suggested donation amounts, and may not cover all actual costs incurred by ISB. You are welcome to donate any amount you feel you can afford and/or split a night with multiple donors/families.

Want to donate meat or other edible items?

The Cafe is not accepting meat or any other raw cooking materials this year. Please feel free to contact the ISB Cafe or the ISB Office for relief agencies or local shelters that can accept food donations.

For water donations:  ISB is not accepting water bottle donations. This year, let us go green! Bring your own re-usable water bottle and/or thermos for chai (tea) – let us reduce the large amounts of water and plastic waste from our masjid!