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    About The Conference

    Join us for the Seerah Conference: Timeless Prophet (SAW) and learn the solutions to the problems of today through the eternal guidance found in the stories from the life of the Prophet (SAW)- as told by amazing speakers and scholars.


    The Ummah of today is struggling.

    We are in changing times, a pivotal time in human history, and we have questions about everything under the sun.

    From wanting to know how to best find a spouse, to questioning whether there is feminism in Islam, to not knowing what Islam says about domestic violence and abuse, gender roles, and much more.

    Modern questions…. Require timeless solutions.

    And the answers can be found within the Seerah of our Timeless Prophet (SAW).


    Through stories of how he gave the Prophetic example on how to handle difficult situations, the Prophetic example on how to lead a good life, the Prophetic example that exists as the solution to the struggles of then, now, and forever.

    Join us October 7th-9th for an inspirational and informative weekend featuring amazing speakers, food and snacks on site, and the imaan boost that comes from connecting to our beloved Prophet (SAW).

    The Conference Speakers
    The folloiwng speakers have been confirmed.

    Imam Suhaib Webb Shaykh Hasib Noor Shaykh Yasir Fahmy
    Shaykh Mikaeel Smith Shaykha Fatima Lette Shaykha Maryam Azam
    Imam Aqil Ingram Imam Chad Earl Shaykh Aamir Sheikh
    Imam Haris Qudsi Shaykha Aatifa Shareef Ustadh Mobeen Vaid
    Qari Muhammad Zahid Shaykh Ra'id Awadalla Imam Ismet Akçin
    Shaykh Saad Baig Shaykh Muhammad Ahmed Shaykh Yaseen Shaikh
    Br. Ghuydar Bashmaf (Nasheed)

    The Conference Schedule


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