Ramadan Announcements – Islamic Society of Baltimore

Assalamu Alaikum everyone

Ramadan Mubarak to you and your families!

There have been multiple credible sightings of the moon reported in various countries including Saudi Arabia and UAE. Based on this, fasting for Ramadan will insha’Allah begin on Monday, May 6th, and Taraweeh prayers at ISB will start Sunday, May 5th with Isha prayer at 10:10 pm.

Ramadan is a month of Worship, Mercy, Brotherhood and Sisterhood, Companionship, Charity, and Sacrifice. The Islamic Society of Baltimore will have its doors open through the entire month of Ramadan, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Round the clock, the facility will be used for iftars, prayers, spiritual enrichment, itikaaf, and education. This year our taraweeh prayers will be led by Qari Zahid and Imam Ismet.

Download the Ramadan 2019 daily Taraweeh Schedule

ISB will also be working hard to meet your spiritual needs throughout the month. We will also be making arrangements for several different Community and Youth Qiyams, Quran Recitations, Daily/Weekly Classes, and much more.

Last, but not least – Ramadan is our busiest month. Our doors stay open 24/7 and our facility is always being utilized. Please help us by doing your part in reducing the load on campus staff and volunteers by doing the following things:

  • Carpool – Come with your friends and neighbors.
  • Arrive Early – Parking & traffic will get very congested. Please plan to be at ISB 30 minutes early to ensure you are not stuck in traffic and struggling to find a parking spot.
  • Bring a re-usable water bottle and chai mug – lets go green, reduce waste, and keep the campus clean by bringing a reusable water bottle from home and refilling it at ISB as needed. Or… buy one of our really cool ISB Water Bottles. We will not provide bottled water.
  • Be Patient with one another – Everyone wants to come to the masjid and everyone wants to take advantage of this blessed month. That includes, Brothers and Sisters, Parents and Children, Young and Old. Let’s be patient with one another and make it a great experience for all.

Finally, the Ramadan experience at ISB is always a blessing and is built on the contributions and partnerships of everyone in the community. We would like the entire community to take part in facilitating the operations at ISB this Ramadan by assisting and taking part in any of the following:

  • Iftar Sponsorship – Help in feeding the hundreds and thousands of people ISB will serve throughout this month. Recommended donations for full sponsorship is $2,000 and partial (50 people) is $400. Please contact Cafe Al-Rahmah for sponsorship information.
  • Ramadan Chai – Chai will be available each night through Taraweeh prayers. The cost to sponsor Chai (tea with milk) for the week is $500. Contact Cafe Al-Rahmah for more information.
  • Ramadan Parking Assistance – To help ensure an efficient flow of traffic, please consider volunteering some time and assist with parking through the month of Ramadan. Contact ISB Council for more information.
  • Ramadan Volunteer Security – Help protect the masjid and its congregants. Contact ISB Council for more information.
  • Ramadan Masjid Volunteers – Help us guide traffic, serve Iftar, answer questions, look after our children and volunteer to become general caretakers of our masjid. Contact ISB Council for more information!
  • Ramadan Green Team – Let’s clean the facility and make it beautiful in preparation for this beautiful month. Click here to join the WhatsApp Green Team Group!
  • Going Green on water bottles – ISB will not be distributing or accepting disposable water bottles this year. Please bring a reusable water bottle from home, or purchase one on-site from ISB. We have bottle refill stations on all floors for your usage.
  • Contributions – $5/day and $150/month per person towards the electricity and cooling expenses during the month. Donate here.
  • ISB Fundraiser – We need your support this year as we march towards the commemoration of 50 years in service with our new expansion project. ISB‘s Annual Fundraiser is on May 25th. Please join us with your family and have iftar with us. If you cannot make it, please consider making a donation in advance.

Your brother in Islam,

Edmund Tori
Islamic Society of Baltimore

Isha Prayer Timings – May and June 2019
May 4 – May 5:  10:00 PM
May 6 – June 5:  10:10 PM




Alhamdulillah, we are blessed to have multiple classes for the benefit of our community members during the month of Ramadan.

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Zakat ul fitr is $10 per person. For example, a family of four is required to pay $40. You may pay the Zakat ul fitr at ISB in the designated boxes, or pay online by clicking on the following link: www.isb.org/donate. Please pay as soon as possible so that funds can be distributed in a timely manner.

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