History of Islam in Baltimore – Islamic Society of Baltimore

Assalamu Alaikum Everyone!

We love to learn about Islamic world history, but what about the Islamic history waiting to be uncovered in our own backyard? Step into a time machine and discover our roots at our History of Islam in Baltimore event. Come learn our history from the mouths of people who were there from its inception!

What role did the Nation of Islam play?
Who were the first Muslims here?
Where were the first Mosques in Baltimore?
Where did the first Qur’an come from?
What was the First Ramadan like?
Did they pray Taraweeh?
Arabs? Indo/Pak? Africans? Americans? Who was here?

These stories are packed with amazing details and history that needs to be captured.  Make sure you join us inshallah.

The stories begin at 6:30 inshallah. Light refreshments will be served. See you all there!

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