Eid ul Fitr 2020 – Announcements – Islamic Society of Baltimore

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Eid Mubarak from the Islamic Society of Baltimore!
May Allah (swt) accept all our qiyaam, sayaam and forgive our shortcomings, iA. Ameen.

Zakat and Donations

  • Zakat al-Fitr is $10 per person, adult or child, in the household. Please pay your amount before Eid or latest before praying your Eid prayers so that the funds can be distributed quickly. Please pay online today.
  • Fidya is $10 for each missed fast. It is for people who cannot fast and will not be able to make up the fast any other time, due to a chronic health condition. A person who missed fasting during Ramadan and forgot to make up the fast until the next Ramadan, they will have to pay Fidya. This should provide one person with two meals or two people with one meal.
  • Kaffarah applies for each deliberately missed/intentionally broken fast during Ramadan. The person must fast for 2 months consecutively or they must feed 60 people. To feed 60 people at a rate of $10/person (average cost of a meal) is $600 per fast.
  • Do you still have Zakat ul-Maal left to donate? We are in the final hours of Ramadan, which is the best time to pledge or give your zakat to a charity of your choice or directly to someone in need. If you would like to give your Zakat to the Islamic Society of Baltimore for distribution, please click here now.

  • We thank the community for their continued support of the various programs and services at ISB. Help us in continuing our services and completing the Phase 3 construction project with a donation today. This is a great time to contribute at least $20 towards operating costs or towards our construction fund – Donate!

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