Annual Seerah Conference (Oct 7-9) – Islamic Society of Baltimore

Allah revealed the Quran to provide humans with the necessary knowledge to secure their success and salvation in both worlds.

The real key to understanding the Quran is to grasp the life and career of the man who served its delivery to humanity. The role of the Prophet Muhammad extends beyond conveying the Quran. He is to teach, explain, and implement it, thus transforming the society around him for the better through it.

The study of his life is known as Seerah (Prophetic biography). His life demonstrates that Islam is a process in which both our ups and downs expose us to layers of self knowledge and spiritual epiphany that surround life’s most profound truth- La ilaha illallah (There is no God, but Allah).

Seerah captures the realities of an entire society that came face to face with divine revelation. And here, the lessons of his life become especially important today. Seerah teaches us that Islam negotiates not with abstract concepts of society, but with real society with all its virtues and flaws. Even Arabian Society can be recognised for its evils alongside the virtues it held before the Prophet’s arrival. Likewise is America today.

The study of Seerah is ever so more important today due to the darkness and ignorance that has plagued society despite its technological advancement. At a time when the world is broken, divided, fragmented, going through a global pandemic, rebuilding lives and communities, the life of the Prophet shines bright in guiding us and teaching us how to navigate through this tumultuous journey.

I wanted to take this opportunity to invite you and your family to join us for our annual Seerah Conference at the Islamic Society of Baltimore, as we come together to study the life of the Prophet and derive a roadmap and methodology for building and strengthening our community, and essentially our relationship to the divine, Allah.

Each moment spent at the Seerah Conference will bring you enormous rewards, specific blessings, and mercies from Allah. Every time you hear the blessed name of the Prophet and send blessings upon him, you will find coolness and comfort in your heart, and a closeness to him in the hereafter. Do not miss out on such a blessed gathering. 

Sh. Yaseen Shaikh

Link: Purchase Tickets – $25 per person / $50 per family!

(Event begins on October 7th at 7:00 PM- ticket prices go up at the door)

Learn about the speakers, register for childcare and get more information

Food will be available for purchase on-site from our in-house Barakah Bistro

Timeless Prophet

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