Annual Seerah Conference – Islamic Society of Baltimore

One of the biggest Islamic conferences in the DMV is finally arriving!

The Seerah Conference is back from Sept. 22nd to 24th

Have you deep-dived into the Makkan Seerah of the Prophet (peace be upon him)?

Have you ever dreamt of or imagined seeing the Prophet (peace be upon him)? Do you yearn to see him as he yearns to see you?

What would that first meeting with the Prophet (SAW) be like? What are you looking forward to most in your meeting with the Prophet? (SAW)

The Prophet (SAW) loved us so much. He never saw us, yet his heart was constantly beating, ‘my followers, my followers’.

On one occasion he said, ‘I wish to see my brothers.’ The Companions asked, ‘Are we not your brothers?’ He said, ‘You are my Companions. My brothers are those who will come after me. They never saw me, yet they believed in me.’

Does your heart beat with the love of the Prophet (SAW)? Do you yearn to see him as he yearns to see you?

Join us at ISB for our annual Seerah Conference where we will learn how to fall in love with the Prophet (SAW) in a way that our hearts are completely taken over by his love. We will navigate through stories from the earlier period of his life, the Makkan Period, about his sacrifices, resilience, and his beautiful character in the face of hardships.

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